When you open a tub of our yummy strawberry, cotton candy you can trust that your taste buds will take you a sweet ride bringinng back a nostalgic memories at summers at the carnival or beach. Your treat is individually packaged and made fresh to order.


Giving back has never been sweeter. For every cotton candy purchased, Candy Connections will donate a portion of our proceeds to support youth and women lead entrepreneurship through our nonprofit organization Just Be Media.  


Lastly, you should know that at Candy Connections we consider ourselves professional daydreamers and we know our customers are whimsical, creative dreamers just like us! After you have enjoyed your tasty cotton candy, reuse your container as a “Dream Bank” to collect your great ideas and hopes for your future!

Strawberry Cotton Candy

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  • Your Snap-lock container is 5.6 inches in diameter and 6.2 inches in height. Snap-lock containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, hot-fillable, reusable, and 100% recyclable. 

    After you've enjoyed your sweet treat, we encourage you to reuse your container as dream bank. We will provide you within our a simple DIY and some supplies to get you started!

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