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Winning Ticket!

Fun Fact: Anthony may be one of the luckiest (for the saints "blessed") person I know!

I mean seriously he married me... hahaha. Okay, enough of my humor but if you're anything like me you go to events, apply for raffles, and you never win anything! Well, let's say Anthony is on the opposite end of that spectrum. This guy plays a 50/50, and you can bet your lucky star he's going to win!

It's funny to watch because we've been at Jayda's gymnastics competitions, the 50/50 raffle bucket is going by, I'll tell Anthony "you better get in this," and sometimes he'll respond I'm just not feeling it today as if he knows in advance if he will win or not. Often my mind is blown, I'm just waiting for him to tell me when he "feels" like we are going to win the Powerball!

If your husband is anything like mines surprising him isn't easy, so you can image how sneaky I had to be to keep our pregnancy from him for an entire week. After a few google searches, I stumbled upon a fake lottery ticket on Etsy. I instantly knew this would be the way I would reveal our pregnancy to Anthony. After a confirming doctors appointment, I decided to give the lottery ticket to Anthony. I knew he would stop by our kiosk at the Christiana Mall that afternoon. I decided I would give the ticket to him then, while Jayda was still in school.

When Anthony arrived at the kiosk, I fought back my smile and grin as I handed him the ticket. I told him that today felt lucky for me, so I picked up the card when I grabbed my lunch. Without hesitation, Anthony began to scratch away. The rules advised him if he saw 3 of the same gifts on one side of the card that the other side would reveal his prize. Excited he quickly scratched his winning box, "We're Having a Baby", it read. With all of the excitement gone from his face, he said what do they mean?

Anthony was naturally disappointed here he thought he was going to win a million dollars instead he would be spending a million! It took a few moments for him to realize it was a trick card and for him to reframe his mind for what just happened. Once he figured it out, he lovingly called me a "jerk." We hugged, we kissed and laughed! The excitement refilled his face and the phone calls to our closest family and friends began.

The below pic was taken at the 2018 Prego Expo, we were all of 2 days pregnant but I couldn't wait to jump into all things baby! More on the Prego Expo coming soon.

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