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Top 10 Gender Reveal Ideas

Updated: Jun 13

Things have changed since our parents had kids. From well-orchestrated pregnancy announcements, gender reveals baby moons and push gifts… the anticipation of a baby is much more than a baby shower with a few of your closest girlfriends. Baby showers have even changed. No more over-sized wicker chairs. We’ve traded those in for royal thrones, with plush red carpets. Let’s not forget that a girlfriend’s only event is now a coed function. I’ll share more on our shower later but for now let’s, take it back to when I was planning our gender reveal.

Top 10 Gender Reveal Ideas

Throw, Hit, Kick a Ball

As you may already know from our previous blog post, Fatherhood is Serious Business, Anthony loves football. I knew from day one I wanted him to play a huge part in every event that leads up to Baby Jacobs arrival. I initially thought of planning our gender reveal around a football game. I thought this might be a great way to get his guy friends to attend. I considered hosting it at a nearby restaurant. During half time, I imagined heading out to the parking lot for Anthony to kick a football full of the color powder that would reveal Baby Jacobs gender. Sounds like fun? Right none the less for several logistical and planning reasons this planned was X’d.

Confetti Poppers

At this point, if you spent any time on social media, you’ve probably seen someone use the confetti poppers. All though this idea seemed fun and simple enough it just didn’t scream “Anthony. and Daneya” I needed to find us something with a little more originality.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs can be used in several different ways. Most popular in a car or motorcycle exhaust. Growing up, both my dad and brother rode motorcycles and it comes to no surprise that I married a man who also shares in my families, love for bikes. A smoke bomb full of blue smoke shooting out of Anthony’s bike could have been epic. However, who was I kidding? Our gender reveal was going to take place in the middle of winter and no one would enjoy standing outside to watch him “kick smoke” out of a football or blow it out of an exhaust.

Balloons, Balloons, and more Balloons!

Balloons although super trendy, were never something I honestly considered. If I were to track when gender reveals first hit the scene, I would say it happened with a box full of balloons in either pink or blue. Although this idea is cute, similar to confetti poppers it just wasn’t us.

Slice Into Some Cake

I had the honor of planning my friend and co-author of I Love Your Brown, Atiya Chase’s gender reveal! There is a local bakery that you may have heard of from his win on Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker a hit show on TLC. Atiya and I both love cupcakes from Desserts by Dana. It was a no brainer that she would learn the gender of her baby boy with one of his sweet treats. Cakes by Dana filled the cupcakes with blue icing, and together we would learn the gender when mommy and daddy took their first bite. Although I loved this tasty reveal, we couldn’t repeat it so so

Can’t Beat a Piñata

This idea seemed almost made for us. We are the “Candy Family” after all, and a Piñata full of sweet treats wrapped in either pink or blue just seemed perfect. However, like the cupcake reveal, we had worked on fulfilling this order for several clients and we weren’t interested in repeating it for our long awaited reveal.

Family Photo

My faith has to lead me to make a few purchases for Baby Jacobs way before conceiving. Years ago even before the Biggie onesie, I purchased a onesie that read “Muscles compliments from dad.” I thought if we found out we were having a boy, it might be cool to get a family photo with Anthony holding the onesie as a way to share Baby Jacobs’ gender. I only decided against this idea because I wanted to find out baby Jacobs’ gender along with with everyone else. I wanted to be surprised too and participate in all the fun.

Paint the Belly

I loved this idea when one of my good friends did this last year to announce her baby girl. It’s cost-effective and personal! I opted out of painting my belly for the gender reveal because I have a couple of belly painting ideas that I’m saving for the third trimester.

Make a Video

A video could have gone out to all of our family and friends instantly and simultaneously unlike mailing everyone a photo and hoping they checked their mail. A video was one of my more lavish ideas and I had an entire script written out to make it happen. Maybe one day I’ll share the script on this blog and another expecting mama can use it.

Cotton Candy!

Youreeka! Cotton Candy would be the way we would share baby Jacobs’ gender with our family and friends, and the idea had been right under our noses the entire time! Thanks to our good friends, Dom and Joe, for bringing this idea to our attention and creating an excellent video for us. We used our flying cotton candy machine to reveal Baby Jacobs’ gender “our machine is available for rentals if you’d like to achieve the same idea”. If you aren’t local but you love cotton candy order our NEW cotton candy pops or pre-order our "Oops! I ate too much cotton candy" t-shirt. T-shirts will officially launch on June 1st our due date.

If you’re interested in seeing how our gender reveal turned out; Check out the video below. We are so grateful that we were able to share this moment with our friends, family and loyal customers!

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