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Fatherhood is serious business.

AHHH! Can you believe it, we are having a baby! We couldn't be more excited, and I can't wait to share with all of you how I told Anthony and Jayda we were expecting. Throughout our pregnancy we've decided to pay homage to our roots in NYC; baby Jacobs due to arrive June 1, 2019, will be named after a famous street in the city that made us. Anthony and I have deep roots in Harlem. It's the place our parents met, the place our fathers died, the place we learned our grit and ability to push forward.

Biggie wasn't from Harlem, but Puffy is, and despite the borough, Biggie will always be Anthony's all-time favorite rapper. Throughout this pregnancy I've decided to find unique ways to make the months leading up to our babies arrival special for my family. When I saw the kid size Biggie t-shirt and the onesie that read Smalls in First & Little Boutique in Middletown, DE two summers ago I knew I had to have it. We'd been talking about trying for a baby and purchasing the shirts was a sign of faith, a sign that I believed God would give the desires of my heart if it were His will. It wasn't until we got pregnant that I realized the shirts would be perfect for a baby announcement. Anthony's a great Big Papa, and he takes his role very seriously, so we decided he would create a shirt to wear that day, yes Anthony made his shirt, it is very little he can't do. I decided to bring in the Christmas cheer with a red dress and festive headbands for Jayda and I you can call me Faith (lol).

Legacy is important to us, and we can't wait to share it with our baby.

Fun Fact: The baby is due one day after my birthday. Anthony believes I will be in labor on my birthday. According to him, May 31st is the one day I turn into a full-fledged diva; he thinks it's fitting for me to share my special day with someone else. Either way, I'm super grateful, and I look forward to the future "Turn ups" with my birthday twin!

Daneya: What is your Favorite (PG13) lyric from a Biggie Song?

Anthony:I connect with the lyrics from Juicy.

"It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! magazine

Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine

Hangin' pictures on my wall

Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl"

Daneya: Where were you when you first connected with his music?

Anthony: West Chester University, Sophomore Year, my first official year playing college football on a full scholarship as a Westchester Golden Ram. I was small but mighty. Many of his lyrics reminded me of my life growing up in Harlem. When I was 9, my dad was murdered, and my mother didn't raise me. Life didn't start well, but sports gave me an outlet and created new opportunities and experiences that I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise.

"Birthdays was the worst days

Now we sip Champagne when we thirsty."

Biggie was from the slums the hard times "I went from ashy to classy" I could relate to all of it.

Daneya: If you could meet Biggie what would you say to him?

Anthony: What’s up son! I listen to you when I work out. You’ve not only inspired me through transitional times in my life, but you keep me motivated. You talked about many things I grew up seeing. Your lyrics put words to feelings I couldn’t always articulate.

Daneya: How do you feel about being a big papa again?

Anthony: Excited and still nervous even though I’ve done it before. Now I’m responsible for shaping and molding another person. Parenthood is a big responsibility, preparing someone to be able to navigate through this world mainly as a person of color isn't always easy. I take it as my top responsibility because I’m the dad, the leader the most influential person in their life, besides their mom.

Daneya: What are you most looking forward to with the baby?

Anthony:I love the way babies smell, seeing something I had a part in creating is exciting. We've been to a few baby stores and events I won't lie I get a little excited about all of the cool and innovative gear out there for babies.

Daneya: If you had to guess today, what we were having what would you say?

Anthony: Well, I always say God has a sense of humor, so I'm going with a girl.

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