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Prego Expo!

Updated: Jun 13

I may be dating myself when I say this, but the 2018 Philadelphia Prego Expo was "All That"! If you're an expecting mom or a family with small children, this is an Expo you won't want to miss in 2019.

When we attended the Prego Expo this past September, we had only known we were expecting for less than a week. I wasn't sure at first that I would be able to convince Anthony to attend and miss Sunday football. However, when the day was through, I think Anthony may have had more fun than me. The Expo does a great job at making dads feel included. The day started with a pep rally for dads hosted by a comedian who was prepared with plenty of dad jokes along with competitive challenges for them to win great prizes.

In our last post-Winning Ticket, I mentioned that Anthony is always winning something, and as destiny would have it Anthony started the day with the odds in his favor. We didn't arrive at the expo as early as I would have liked. I am the furthest from a type A personality, but for this event I found myself checking the agenda twice, preregistering for goodies and preparing to meet every vendor. I knew after the pep rally that the dads would be able to compete to win a Newton crib mattress. The mattress is advertised as safe and breathable and retails at $300. I wanted to win this mattress, everyone in the room wanted to win this mattress, but I was with my winning guy!

After check-in, we walked in during the tail end of the pep rally. Anthony joined in and was handed a raffle ticket right before they pulled the tickets for the dads that would compete for the mattress. Yes, you guessed it; they called Anthony's raffle ticket, and we were one step closer to winning our Newton breathable mattress!

Although Anthony gave it his best wrapping a baby doll in a swaddle in less than 60 seconds, he didn't win the Newton, but he did receive some excellent runner-up prizes and a good laugh. It was the perfect way to get our first official baby experience started.

The Prego Expo is full of wall-to-wall free baby samples, impressive demo's, education and discounts galore. No family and I mean no family leaves empty-handed. Diapers from Huggies and a welcome gift from Noobie Box were just a few items a mom could expect. After a quick bathroom break, I returned to Anthony who had collected us some excellent baby gifts. Anthony scored us a baby gate, tub, co-sleeper, and a white noise cry sensor to soothe baby. Way to redeem himself after losing out on the crib mattress. It seemed as if the day couldn't get any sweeter but boy was I wrong.

The day ended with a grand finale of prizes. Chicco exhibit had a full corner display with items ranging from car seats, high chairs and strollers. They raffled off everything! Additional Newton mattresses were up for grabs, baby covers and even a Doona stroller. If you aren’t familiar with the Doona stroller, I suggest you get acquainted quickly and add it to your baby registry. As a mom on the go fighting with a car seat and stroller isn’t something, I’m looking forward too. The Donna is a car seat, the pops out of your car and with a click of a button transform into a stroller. Aside from how much we learned, we could save with Spraypal reusable diapers the Doona was our favorite vendor.

Well, that’s all I have on the Philadelphia Prego Expo for now, but after getting you excited about the expo, we couldn't leave you empty-handed. Wouldn't you like to attend the 2019 Philadelphia Prego Expo as a VIP! This prize is a $60 value, not including all of the chances to win more when you attend the expo. VIP ticket holders are guaranteed a signature swag bag and are entered in twice for prize giveaways. VIP’s and one of their guests (with a purchase of general admission ticket) will be allowed early entrance into the expo 30 minutes before the expo doors open. Stay tuned for details on how to score these VIP tickets and much more!

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Expo with baby Jacobs in our Doona stroller!

Moments captured by, Stinsman Photography.

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