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On our New, New!

Updated: Jun 13

Have you missed us?

We've certainly missed you. We started blogging Christmas of 2018 with the hopes to share our family with you as a way to connect. Thanks for joining us on this journey. We look forward to sharing more transparent moments with you. It is our personal mission to inspire you to view life from the sweet side :)

Did you know?

We welcomed Lennox into our family on May 28th, just three days before my birthday. I was nervous about being induced, and I wasn't sure if I was making the right decision. As always, God, reassured me that we did. The nurse who assisted in Lennox delivery wasn't the nurse initially assigned to us. I know this happens often, but it wasn't by accident; it was 100% predestined. Her name was the same as our daughter, Jayda's middle name. To make things even sweeter it was her birthday! Nurse Leeann shares a name with Jayda and birthday with Lennox!

So much has changed since we last connected.

Did you know?

We closed our store in Middletown. It's okay, we're okay, and we are happy with the change. Our kiosk model is working, and we are grateful for the success. Our Brick & Mortar was our launching pad. We are thankful for every lesson learned and every connection made.

What's next?

· Plan to shop our custom in house, freshly made cotton candy April- September at Christiana Mall along with our fan-favorite Italian Ice.

· Look forward to online ordering. Custom cotton candy pops are perfect for celebrating the sweetest moments in your life. We will launch our pops on our website Friday, September 20th!

· Our non-profit board has been meeting!

Look forward to more events that serve and engage the entire family! Let's face it; we are all busy our kids are even busy. We will work to ensure that you are making intentional time to create lasting memories with your loved ones. We will also provide unique opportunities for you to give back to others while enjoying family time.

Are you familiar with Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is an approach by start-up companies and entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund, and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

Did you Know?

Both Anthony and I have degrees and long-standing career in Human Services. We have big plans to marry our for-profit work with our non-profit work. For starters, a portion of our sales will support entrepreneur education for teen parent and teens aging out of foster care.

Want to connect with us in person!

Join The Candy Family on October 27th for a "Not So Spooky, Sweet and Yummy, Party Bus Trip to Candytopia" in Philadelphia. Dress in your not so spooky costumes and board the bus for an afternoon to remember. A portion of ticket sales will support youth development opportunities.

We believe that time spent with family and friends is the sweetest time of all. Make your trip to Candytopia sweeter when you join us on a party bus filled with delicious treats for you and your guest. Enjoy sweet and sour treats curated by Candy Connections, kid-friendly music, games, and even win prizes while we travel. Space is limited so reserve your seat today!

Stay Sweet,


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