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Baby Announcement

Updated: Jun 13

Once we found out, we were pregnant the very next person on our list to tell was our daughter Jayda. The announcement had to be perfect after all Jayda would be a big sister! As you know from our blog post Winning Ticket, Anthony and I learned of baby Jacobs in September. Jayda’s 10th birthday was soon approaching, and I decided against my better judgment i.e. Anthony, that the best time to tell her would be October 21st, Jayda’s 10th birthday.

I planned a scavenger hunt for the morning of Jayda’s birthday, I was 100% geeked. It was almost better than preparing for Christmas morning. Anthony reminded me in my preparation that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, his way of warning me that Jayda might not appreciate the news of a new sibling on her big day. You already know he considers me a birthday diva if you've read Fatherhood is Serious Business. However, I was unstoppable I was moving full speed ahead to the baby announcement!

The morning of Jayda's birthday she found on her door a full-size sign telling her the amount of time, in weeks, days, minutes, and seconds that we have loved her, and we ended the sign with instructions for her to head downstairs where a special friend would be waiting.

Every year for Jayda’s birthday Lexi, her Elf on the Shelf makes an appearance. Lexi started the day with a message to Jayda on her easel wishing her a happy birthday and letting her know that her parents had a scavenger hunt planned for her. Lexi told Jayda she was a bit of a mess and sent her up to her bathroom to get cleaned up. Jayda was then greeted by a letter on her mirror that told her she would be heading to her Gammy and Pop-Pop house for her next clue.

When we arrived at my parents’ house for birthday breakfast (Pop-Pops yummy pancakes) Jayda noticed a gift bag with balloons attached to it in the backyard. This bag was full of arts and crafts supplies from Anthony and I. We couldn't let her only gift be the announcement of a sibling there had to be something she could use I thought I was winning here!

Jayda’s final clue instructed her to head to the pantry, when she opened the door she was greeted by a cute purple decorative box. Jayda grabbed the box and headed over to the kitchen table. Without hesitation, she popped open the lid and found a picture of an ultrasound. Her face went from shock to horror and a long side-eye in less than 5 seconds. Anthony not sure what Jayda was thinking asked if she knew what it was, she responded “a baby.”

Despite my efforts and well thought out plan I will tell you announcing a pregnancy to a child on their birthday or any special occasion for that matter is NO-NO. Looking back I can get that she might have felt like the announcement of the baby would upstage the fact she was officially TEN!

Thank goodness the day wasn’t a complete fail. After a much anticipated birthday party at Main Event with a few of her friends Jayda was back to her cheerful self. To my relief she was also ready to talk about all things, baby once the party was over.

we'd love to hear how you've shared your new addition with older children a spouse and family! Comment below with your memorable pregnancy announcement!

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