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Ironically when Anthony and I were dating we never, not once discussed starting a business together. I often joke now, almost seven years in that we didn’t know each other” for real, for real” before we said I do but what I really should say is we hadn’t fully tapped into our potential together before our nuptials. 
Candy was a big part of our lives growing up in NYC going to the corner store to have Poppie" count out your penny candies because you only had a dollar to spend and you wanted to get something to drink and a bag of chips too. 
Anthony and I didn’t necessarily start Candy Connections because of our love for sweet treats but more so because of our desire to own something, our God-given gift to create and build. Candy seemed fun and light-hearted,it would engage families, we’d have opportunities to celebrate birthdays and milestones with community kids all things that we love! July of 2019 we will be in business together for five years. Being in business hasn’t always been easy, we’ve faced and continue to meet ongoing challenges. Like any growing business however we evolve, we rethink and try again! Like any good business, we are always seeking to solve a problem. 
Candy Connections is proud to offer our very own custom cotton candy and party packages to our customers. At vending events, we’d always receive rave reviews on our sweet and fluffy treat so much so that we’ve decided to focus on the best ways to package our cotton candy for you. We guarantee your cotton candy will always be fresh! 

Our party packages have only become more magical over time. We now have packages to serve girls ages 5-12. For the younger princesses and our boys, we are happy to serve our sweet treats; cotton candy, Italian ice, and fresh popcorn at your upcoming events. We travel the entire state of Delaware and some parts of Maryland too. Don't second guess it we are the family you want to choose as your sweet tooth destination time and time again!

Stay Sweet,
The Candy Family

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